An Introduction to Business Alchemy

Watch the video below to see Andrew Wallas, The Business Alchemist introducing The Business Alchemy Online Program.

Andrew Wallas, The Business Alchemist introduces

The Business Alchemy Online Program.

Who is this for?

Are you a leader who is feeling frustrated that your business is not fulfilling its full potential?

Have you tried many traditional methods for accelerating business growth and not got the desired results?

Are you exhausted and fatigued by change overload?

Are you ready to try something different?

This program is for you if:

You are feeling stuck in your business and are looking to be re-energised and try a radical new approach to doing business. 

You are frustrated and feel as if you are going around in circles, getting the same or diminishing results.

You are excited and courageous to expand your thinking and to take a leap of faith and try something new to enable your business to reach its full potential.


You have boundless energy and are naturally expansive. You know the skies are not the limit and you are craving extraordinary growth.

You are looking to fly even higher but are unclear as to how to push through to the next level.

You are ready transform your business exponentially.

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What to expect from the program

  • A radical and expansive approach to working with business energy.

  • How to break free of old paradigms and tired thinking.

  • How to connect with and re-ignite the energy within your business.

  • How to remove blockages that are inhibiting the potential of your business.

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Program Overview

What is included?

  • Video content

    10 modules each with 4 video lessons delivered via an online learning portal.

  • Interactive Workbooks

    Over 40 comprehensive workbooks to help conscolidate the learning.

  • Audio downloads

    Audio downloads to support the syllabus.

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Business Alchemy Founder & Your Course Leader

Meet the Alchemist

  • Andrew Wallas

    CEO, Founder & Alchemist

    Andrew Wallas

    Andrew Wallas is one the most compelling business gurus in the country. He is a highly successful businessman and intuitive corporate leader. A pioneer in business, he combines his City experience with deep insight to achieve radical transformation in organisational structure. Through his company, JLA Partnership Limited, he supports businesses to realise their latent potential. Andrew embodies a rare combination of highly successful businessman and intuitive corporate shaman. He is both recognised in the outer world as a respected businessman with a sharp intellect and acumen, as well as being seen as an inner world guide with a deep insight and mystical intuition. He began his career in business in 1974 and was highly influential, developing companies, which were sold for £20 million, £38.5 and £52 million. He has extensive experience of starting, developing and selling businesses as well as running Business Alchemy courses for organisations and individuals. Linked In:

What some of our clients think about Business Alchemy & Andrew Wallas

Co-Founder & Executive Chairman Project Fortis

Gavin Hughes

Co-Founder & Executive Chairman Project Fortis

“Andrew is the real deal. He is the first “teacher” I have encountered who has a genuine ability to blend the spiritual and the commercial world. I greatly value his ability to explain concepts and lessons in a manner that I can understand and act upon. Andrew is a man who exhibits deep wisdom, immense integrity and valuable experience. His contribution to our business has been immense.”
Founder & CEO, The Pause

Danielle Marchant

Founder & CEO, The Pause

“Andrew has a magic touch in his work with individuals and business. He can take you to the deepest depths of your soul and bring you back laughing. There are few people I choose to work with and refer my clients to; Andrew is always one of them.”
Founder & CEO Black Book

Paul Cushing

Founder & CEO Black Book

“Andrew is an exceptionally talented man who has an insightful and powerful mind; in a world of noise he has a special gift and the ability to offer clarity and the tools to help you make the right choices.”
CEO & Founder of Mason Rose

Tanya Rose

CEO & Founder of Mason Rose

Our profits increased by 200 percent after reading the book and then subsequently doing a business alchemy course with Andrew.”
Founder and Managing Director of Borgo Egnazia & San Domenico Hotels

Aldo Melpignano

Founder and Managing Director of Borgo Egnazia & San Domenico Hotels

“Andrew’s work is subtle yet powerful and leaves a tangible imprint with the participants.”
Thanos Hotels

Thanos Michaelides

Thanos Hotels

“Andrew is an exceptional presenter and moderator.”

Senior Director


This is a really refreshing way of presenting a course - it's polished and user friendly and the reflective questions are great as they allow you to review what you've learnt.



The kinaesthetic learning element is a great way to fully participate in the course and the use of analogy is very helpful and allowed me to practically visualise the concepts making it easier to incorporate it into my psyche.
CBC UK Limited

Senior Director

CBC UK Limited

I'm a big fan of the videos... Andrew is very ‘watchable’ and he comes across as genuinely wanting to help you. I like that there isn’t a ‘right’ answer- it's your interpretation of your personal and business requirements and how to adapt them in a way that works for you.

Companies we have worked with

  • Borgoegnazia
  • CBC Insurance UK
  • Mason Rose
  • Native
  • Thanos


  • Who should take the School for Business Alchemy Programme?

    Any business leader who is open to trying a different approach to achieving transformational change in their business.

  • Do I need any previous experience and qualifications to enrol?

    No previous experience or qualifications are required, just an open mind and a willingness to trust yourself and the process.

  • How do I enrol/register for the online programme?

    It’s quick and easy to enrol, simply create an account and place your order. Access to the course will appear in your inbox shortly after your order has been placed.

  • What’s included in the programme?

    The programme consists of 10 modules and 40 videos with your course leader, Andrew Wallas. Each module is divided into four weekly lessons all of which include a video of approximately seven to ten minutes. A workbook accompanies each week's video, which contains additional information and exercises to consolidate your learning. Online support is also available via regular interactive webinars.

  • Will I be assessed?

    As there are no right or wrong answers you will not be assessed. The content has been carefully curated and designed to provoke thought and stimulate insight thereby helping you to create the business YOU want.

  • Will I have access to help and guidance throughout the course?

    Questions can be asked via quarterly Q&A sessions that will run live via Zoom.

  • What kind of time commitment is required for Business Alchemy?

    This is entirely up to you, however, this is not a programme to be rushed and forced. In order to get the most from participating, it is best to allow time and space to sit with the content and whatever comes up for you, before taking action and moving onto the next module.

  • Is there a way to bypass staggered sessions and accelerate my learning?

    In order to get the best from the programme, we have set it up so that the first week's lesson will be released seven days from the date of enrolment and every seven days thereafter. This will continue to be the schedule for the first three modules as it is essential to take your time with Intention, Alignment and Synchronicity. The remaining modules are designed to be approached in the same manner to allow time for integration. However, as we know that some prefer to work more quickly, modules 4-10 will be released for you to work through either week by week, or at your own individual pace.

  • What do I receive upon completion of the course?

    This training equips graduates with a unique skill set to diagnose problems within a business and create a radical transformation leading to improved performance. It is not about acquiring new facts and knowledge, another qualification or learning new business jargon. It is about accessing new levels of intuition and inner knowledge – discovering the alchemist within which transcends traditional business wisdom.